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Musical event brings artists and community together to spread powerful anti-bullying message.

On August 18, 2015 Brenda O’Brien, songwriter and West Memphis native, joined forces with Teen Recruiters and to spread the message of “Unite Against Bullying” with a free concert designed to inspire and encourage Heber Springs youth.

With a passion for raising awareness about the bullying issues our nation’s children face, Teen Recruiters and Brenda O’Brien were determined to make a big change starting with Heber Springs, Arkansas.

O’Brien’s latest hit,“Remember,” encourages children to believe in themselves and follow their own paths.

As a host of this special event, O’Brien will once again showcase her musical talent while
O’Brien has assembled a number of talented artists to come together for this worthy
cause. The celebrated lineup includes Kris Thomas, Steve Argy, Sarah Simmons, Karina
Iglesias, Grammy-nominated Wendy Moten, Grammy-nominated Justin Merrick, Shayne
Leighton, along with students from the Stax Music Academy. To appeal to the wide age-
range of the audience, O’Brien creatively added two younger artists to the bill — Nick
O’Brien, her sixteen year old grandson and up-and-comer in the industry, and Kojo Hayes, the late Isaac Hayes’ eight year old grandson.

What an evening to “Remember”