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Our Remember Ranch Program recognizes that animal therapy is changing the lives of children and adults with disabilities. Animals can be the link between a child with a disability and the world around them.

Through our Speak Life Anti Bullying Program we continue to find that many children were in fact being bullied because of their disabilities. It is significantly important that we educate the youth of our community about disability awareness and how their time, efforts and compassion can make such a change.

As you can imagine many children are bullied and treated differently because of a disability they suffer from.

It is our goal and mission to make sure that these children have a place to grow and be who God intended them to be.

“Seeing the excitement and joy on the faces of our students while they fed and pet the animals was very touching.”
– Angel Waggoner, Svc. Coordinator, Community School of Cleburne County

“It was a VERY special day for our students and staff!”

“We loved it and are so appreciative of “Remember Ranch” and their volunteers for all the hard work they put into making this possible.”
– Anonymous

“We were speechless when one of our students with severe autism crawled into the lap of one of the volunteers in-order to pet one of the animals. We aren’t aloud to hold this little girl’s hand in-order to help her to the bathroom, she simply won’t allow us into her personal space. I watched as she crawled into the lap of this volunteer three different times to pet this animal. All we could do was sit and watch in complete shock and couldn’t wait to connect with the little girl’s parents. – Angel Waggoner, Svc. Coordinator, School of Cleburne County